Eliminate Wintertime Hazards With Heated Floor Mats
Eliminate Wintertime Hazards With Heated Floor Mats

Eliminate Wintertime Hazards With Heated Floor Mats

Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a wintertime snowfall; however, thoughts of snow blowing or hours of shoveling may mitigate this initial admiration. customized floor mats

With snowstorms come icy pathways, snowed-in cars, and lost energy and time. Additionally, solutions such as melting salts and steel shovels can damage surfaces and create messes-all for only marginal results. Especially for regions that see several months of winter weather, managing snowfall and ice quickly becomes a nuisance.

If you are dreading the approach of winter, you may want to consider investing in snow melting mats. A more economical alternative to embedded melting systems, heated mats can eliminate the accumulation of snow and ice on many commercial and residential areas. Most mats are designed for flat surfaces such as paths, driveways, handicap ramps and entrances. For a busy enterprise, installing an outdoor heated floor mat would save time and create a warm and inviting commercial front. A snow-filled or icy entryway is sure to deter customers.

Heated floor mats also have many benefits for residential use. Most are constructed to withstand the weight of vehicles and are the perfect solution to prevent the build-up of snow in smaller driveways or parking areas. Harsh chemicals like calcium chloride and salts stick to shoes and cars, but heated mats will keep the slush and snow outside where it belongs. Also available are heated stair treads, which are designed with individual mats for each step. Icy steps are extremely dangerous and always a consistent hassle to keep clear during winter months.

One choice to consider is the Ice-Away Snow Melt Mat, which is available in the dimensions of two feet by three feet. The heating element has a protective covering of non-slip rubber, and it is durable enough to last an entire winter outdoors. This snow melting mat can melt up to two inches of accumulated snow in less than an hour and will plug into a standard 110V outlet. For the management of larger areas, consider a HeatTrack snow melting mat. These mats are offered in a wide range of sizes up to twenty feet long. The perforated rubber surface provides extra traction and safety benefits. Both of these heated mats are much less expensive than an embedded heatin

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